Welcome to Marlin39.com

The goal of Marlin39.com is to eventually become a catalog of firearm information, leaning mostly toward the "wood and steel" firearms, new and old from collectable to beat up truck guns.


Here you will find field tests and reviews, manuals, schematics, flyers and advertisements,  ammo information, links of interest and much more. Although initially lean toward wood and steel, there will be others as well, mostly because the scarcity of some of the information of older "pre-internet firearms.


I have spent most of my life around and using or collecting firearms. From my first Daisy Model 105 to the M60 machine guns, I have grown to appreciate them all for what they are, no matter how good or bad, I have owned hundreds and handled or shot thousands more. With is being said, I wish to share knowledge both ways regarding firearms. Throughout the Marlin39.com, hopefully you can find something to help or inform yourself. If you have information to share please contact me via email at "contact" link or through the blog. Thank You, and enjoy.

The Undertaking & Goals of Marlin39.com

Like climbing a mountain, the journey starts with one single step. Marlin39.com is my mountain and is still in  the early stages of it's journey. With only a few reviews and a relatively small amount of the information available on the website, it will be a long and tenuous journey ahead.


The "magic" of Marlin39.com is that is can grow to unimaginable proportions. Sometimes the growth will be exponential when adding more common and readily acquired information and files. Sometimes the growth will be slower as the uncommon and harder to find information is researched and filtered in place. The hardest information, often not published will take the longest.


If you have material to share, or if you have a request for information to be listed, please contact me via email or via the "news" section of Marlin39.com.


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Links of Interest

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